HubSpot & 3CX Integration

Take advantage of 3CX's affordable calling plans all within your HubSpot CRM with eStorm's HubSpot 3CX Integration widget.

Make calls directly through your 3CX PBX without leaving the native HubSpot interface.

eStorm has developed a fully native integration to enable users to call contacts directly from the HubSpot web interface using your existing 3CX PBX system. Enjoy lower calling costs of 3CX while utilising the full CRM functionality of HubSpot.


What is 3CX?

3CX is an affordable and flexible business telephony solution. It can run on-premise with Windows or Linux, and can easily be switched to the cloud. This makes 3CX one of the most scalable and affordable business phone systems on the market!

3CX Benefits: 
✓ Unlimited extensions
✓ Website live chat, Facebook messenger, and SMS integration
✓ Connect via voice, video, or instant message
✓ Effortlessly switch between servers and the cloud with backups


What is HubSpot?

With HubSpot CRM you can take your customer relationships to the next level. HubSpot CRM gives you access to a variety of tools that aim to make the lives of your salespeople, marketers, customer service representatives and yourself easier in every possible way.

HubSpot Benefits:
✓ Robust reporting dashboard
✓ Prospect tracking
✓ Meeting scheduling
✓ Customer and contact management

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By utilising eStorm's integration widget, you can combine HubSpot and 3CX into one powerful customer & contact management system

Benefits of eStorm's HubSpot and 3CX Integration Widget

Record notes directly into HubSpot while on a call

The plugin allows users to record notes right in the HubSpot CRM, making it easier to refer back to once the call has ended.

Automatically logs calls against HubSpot contacts

Inbound 3CX calls will automatically synchronise with your HubSpot CRM contacts lookup to show caller ID on your phone's display.

Power BI
Never leave the HubSpot website to call clients

Make affordable 3CX calls directly within the HubSpot CRM interface - there's no need to open external websites or extensions.

eStorm vs 3CX

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Case Studies

Get business driven results with eStorm.

As a leading animation studio, data access is vital to Liquid Animation. To tackle their limited connection issues, eStorm built two new storage units with no downtime, as well as implementing higher quality rendering support and stronger internet connection.

Liquid Animation

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Partnering with eStorm
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