Outsource Your IT Department

Hiring IT staff with the right skill sets for new projects and expanding businesses is both expensive and time consuming. Harnesss the knowledge and skills of an expert IT department without the price tag by outsourcing your IT with eStorm

Leverage outside expertise

Organisations of all sizes are turning to outsourced IT support services and infrastructure. This is quickly becoming the norm in order to leverage high quality technical support processes and expert knowledge in order to benefit from time and cost savings, as well as being able to expand project work.

Likewise, in today’s landscape, technology isn’t added value, it’s vital to business success and competitive advantage. This means that it’s important to possess not only the right resources and infrastructure, but the expertise to use it in a way that’s fast, secure and reliable.


Scalable, budget-conscious and secure outsourced IT services

Our core business centres around removing the burdens and challenges you face each day with your IT systems and IT projects of all sizes. Our IT outsourcing solutions are designed with scalability, downtime minimisation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in mind. We achieve results by increasing the efficiency of your IT environment and helping you integrate the appropriate technology for your needs.

Likewise, relationships are at the core of what we do at eStorm. We pride ourselves on truly understanding your needs and tailoring relevant solutions. We deliver lightning fast response times, minimised downtime, a budget conscious approach and fantastic customer service.

The risks and disadvantages of internal IT

  • Limited or no IT support when key staff members are sick or away
  • Internal IT environments become influenced, and often limited, by the internal IT person’s area of expertise, rather than providing the best solutions available.
  • Increased staffing costs associated with hiring, retraining, leave expenses etc
  • There is a level of difficulty in keeping up to date with relevant and new technology, which leaves you at risk of falling behind and not remaining competitive.

Work better with eStorm

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