Cyber Security Tips

3 Cyber Security Tips When Working Remote

By eStorm | June 1, 2020

Remote working can be a blessing. More time spent with the family, less time commuting and sitting through meetings from the comfort of your own home. But as companies across Australia continue to offer flexible work environments to prevent the spread to COVID-19, it is important to understand the security and privacy risks that both […]

Working from home

Office 365 supports your business to work remote

By eStorm | March 24, 2020

In these ever-changing times, the ability for an organisation to adapt and change is what will allow you to stand out from competitors, continue to serve customers, and ensure you maintain momentum. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing more and more businesses prepare for social distancing by setting up their systems to allow […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Is it worth the upgrade?

By eStormAdmin | October 22, 2019

On October 2nd Microsoft unveiled a series of new devices that covers the gap between a conventional laptop, a tablet PC, and to many’s surprise, a device that crosses the line between a smartphone and tablet. Whilst Microsoft was showing their most innovative products to date, this artile is not about the new products they […]

high performance and strategy

The 3 keys to high performance & cost savings with IT

By eStormAdmin | July 31, 2019

  Efficiency. It’s that ever illustrious goal that every IT professional and leader endeavours toward. But, even with maximum effort and precision planning, efforts in the pursuit of ultimate efficiency can fail to hit their intended targets. According to Kumar Krishnamurthy, a principal with PwC’s Strategy Consulting Group, we must move our focus toward improving […]

a framework for emergent technology

A Framework for identifying and assessing emergent technology

By eStormAdmin | June 28, 2019

Emerging technologies introduce challenges and threats to existing organisational competitive advantages, as well as presenting opportunities for organisations to take the lead in completely new areas, long before the competition takes root. The need to monitor the technological horizon is vitally important. Emerging technology represents a series of potential investments that can have a serious […]

what we can learn from the baltimore service hacks

What we can learn from the Baltimore services hack

By eStormAdmin | May 27, 2019

The Situation On May 7th 2019, hackers digitally seized roughly 10,000 Baltimore government computers and demanded payment of 13 Bitcoins ($148,151 AUD) to free them back up. Using a ransomsware called RobbinHood, hackers have made it impossible to access servers without a digital key that only they possess. What is a ransomware attack? A ransomware […]

cloud management diagram

The 5 Key Areas of Efficient Cloud Management

By eStormAdmin | May 21, 2019

  With more and more enterprises seeing the benefits in, and establishing, long-term cloud computing strategies, the consumption of cloud services has begun trending towards the omnivorous. According to the International Data Corporation, over 85% of enterprises are starting to adopt multi-cloud architectures that include a mix and match of public cloud services, community clouds, […]

google building

Google plans new browser tools on privacy and ad transparency

By eStormAdmin | May 14, 2019

Google recently announced plans to introduce new internet browser tools in the coming months that limit how a users’ web activity is tracked by advertising companies while delivering greater insight into why they are targeted by certain ads. “Our experience shows that people prefer ads that are personalised to their needs and interests—but only if […]

brisbane lions blog banner

Official Supplier to the Brisbane Lions

By eStormAdmin | April 23, 2019

  eStorm are pleased to announce our support for local AFL team, the Brisbane Lions, as we come on board as an official supplier.

4 things to look for in an outsourced IT support provider

4 things to look for in an outsourced IT support provider

By eStormAdmin | April 16, 2019

We can’t do everything ourselves. Onboarding partners and team members that have more knowledge, as well as specialised skill sets, is particularly vital when we want to provide the best service, remain competitive and grow our business. This is where we can leverage the power of outsourcing. Outsourcing helps businesses to reduce costs while reaping […]