Apple September 2021 Keynote – What’s New?

By Melissa Hoarau | September 15, 2021

In Apple’s September 2021 Keynote ‘California streaming’, the tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook unveiled Apple’s latest product range. The announcement was headlined by the new iteration of the iPhone, and was followed by an introduction of the latest iPads and Apple watches. Read on for a quick recap of Apple’s biggest announcements. iPhone 13  The […]

Should you backup Microsoft 365?

By Melissa Hoarau | September 12, 2021

Should you backup Microsoft 365? With benefits like easy access to files, emails, and documents, plus improved collaboration across teams, it’s no surprise that Microsoft 365 is an essential tool for most businesses across the globe. But what happens when your Microsoft 365 data is lost? Downtime as a result of lost or corrupt data […]

Chromebooks vs iPads in the Classroom

By Melissa Hoarau | September 1, 2021

  As the demand for technology increases in classrooms, the Chromebook vs iPad debate has been an ongoing discussion for schools and parents seeking to make the best technological choices for the development of their students and children. Chromebooks and iPads are currently the forerunners when it comes to portable devices in the classrooms, and […]

How to Protect your Business from Cyber Attacks

By Melissa Hoarau | August 24, 2021

  With over 15 years experience securing IT systems for all sizes of organisations, the team at eStorm understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cyber security. We take the time to understand how your business operates and apply a practical approach to ensuring your data is protected. 1. Conduct a […]

iPad OS 15 – What’s New?

By Melissa Hoarau | August 10, 2021

Apple recently announced the latest version of operating systems for both iOS and iPadOS, so what new features can we expect? The new features are set to help user productivity, improve FaceTime experiences, bring more intelligence to photos and searches, apply new privacy controls to protect user information, and much more! Continue reading for a […]

Fight Ransomware with Immutable Cloud Backups

By Melissa Hoarau | August 3, 2021

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, so how do organisations lessen the impact in the event of an attack? Wasabi cloud backups is one of the few cloud storage providers offering immutable storage – a way to protect your data against even the most determined cyber attackers. Learn more about ransomware attacks and the best […]

How to Choose the Right MSP for Your Business

By Melissa Hoarau | July 30, 2021

  So you’ve decided it’s time to onboard an MSP! That’s great. But now you’re stuck wondering how to choose the right one. As the need for MSPs grows, so does the selection pool. Choosing an MSP is a massive decision and should not be taken lightly – the organisation you partner with should be […]

The Best STEAM Products for Teachers

By Melissa Hoarau | July 7, 2021

STEAM (meaning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) education is an essential and fundamental part of a student’s journey through their schooling years. Thus, it is vitally important that teachers nurture and develop their interest in STEAM in ways that are engaging, fun, and creative. The following products are designed and dedicated to promoting learning […]

What is a Managed Network Service Provider?

By eStorm | July 5, 2021

As a Managed Network Service Provider, our focus is on working with your business to assist in managing your network. Unlike our managed service offering which is focused on your business’ end user computing. To find out more about MSPs, read our blog on what an IT managed service provider is. Services covered under our […]

5 Signs it’s Time to Partner with an MSP

By Melissa Hoarau | June 23, 2021

There are many indicators to deciding whether it is time to onboard an MSP. Some businesses find they are struggling to keep up with updates and network management, placing their systems at risk for outages or breaches. Or perhaps you’ve found that your internal IT team is struggling to keep up with demand, resulting in […]