Microsoft SharePoint

A fundamental part of the Office 365 suite—Microsoft SharePoint provides impressive, yet simple, collaboration and data management capabilities from any location, across any device

SharePoint is a collaborative workhorse and centralised hub for your business

Microsoft SharePoint is a document management and team collaboration tool. It basically functions as the business’ centralised data management system, or intranet, with the aim of bringing team members together while improving communication and efficiencies.

Either as a standalone product, or as a feature of Office 365 – you will benefit from all the competencies SharePoint embodies. No more accompanying overheads of managing the software within your own organisation. Likewise, SharePoint Online removes any requirement for you to invest in infrastructure, upgrades or maintenance.

By harnessing the benefits of SharePoint through Office 365 you also gain access to Exchange, Skype for Business, web apps and of course the Office portfolio.

As your local Microsoft SharePoint consultant in Brisbane, we can advise you on the best way to integrate with your existing infrastructure. With our SharePoint support services, you will be ready to introduce the value of SharePoint into your organisation.


What does SharePoint actually deliver?

SharePoint works seamlessly with your other, day to day, applications - enabling you to manage and share documents in an innovative way. You are able to increase efficiency as one of the key SharePoint solutions is helping teams to work together, brainstorm, analyse and make informed joint decisions.

SharePoint provides:

  • Simple and powerful file sharing
  • Facility to create ‘team sites’, useful for project management and keeping shareholders informed
  • Stay up to date with company news and information with an intelligent intranet function
  • Security, privacy and compliance features
  • Innovation, with ongoing upgrades and enhancements

Simple and powerful file sharing

SharePoint really does make it easy for you to create, share, develop and manage documents – regardless of where you are working from and on what device. Project collaboration is simple when you have the option to co-author, compare files and interact online. This fosters clear communication between your colleagues and clients.


A team site just for you

If you are about to embark on a project and want to bring a number of people together to work in partnership, SharePoint offers you the technology to create your own team site, with responsive pages that are mobile friendly and easy to share.

Accessibility, wherever you work

If you are working as part of a team on a project, or simply a document that needs input from other stakeholders – SharePoint creates a place that encourages individuals to come together and share data.

Intelligent intranet

Build your own company-wide intranet to ensure personnel keep up to date with news and events and have easy access to download important documents and imagery.

Security, privacy & compliance

SharePoint has always had a commitment to ensuring your security, privacy and compliance. It also goes one step further than this - evaluating the level of security required, based on the user, content, device and location. Automated maintenance of the servers ensures you are always up to date with the latest security features.

Its capabilities are designed to ensure sensitive information remains protected, with ongoing investments in data loss prevention.

If your organisation requires a more detailed understanding of the security and privacy settings you are operating within, SharePoint can give you insightful reporting for compliance purposes.


Why partner with eStorm?

eStorm Australia can design a customised SharePoint environment to suit your needs and budget. We have helped a number of businesses on their SharePoint journey from creating fully managed SharePoint environments to simple SharePoint frameworks that allow clients to manage and update internally. Learn more about what Microsoft SharePoint can do for your business.


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