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Technological leadership and strategic management at a fraction of the cost. Our affordable and cost-effective solution helps bridge the gap between small business and large enterprise. Let us support your long-term growth with our Virtual CIO service

Helping make life easy and maximising infrastructure optimisation

The role of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) is now more important than ever before. Combining the strategic use of technology with business process and objectives is vital to both day-to-day and long-term business success. 

However, hiring a full time CIO can be quite challenging and costly. High profile executive positions like CIOs and CTOs have high qualifications, very robust experience and come at a steep cost to hire and retain.  


What is a Virtual CIO service?

A Virtual CIO is an outsourced role that combines the tasks managed and maintained by chief information officers, chief technology officers and technology consultants.

Virtual CIOs are responsible for providing technological leadership, multi asset management, as well as developing and managing strategic and forward-thinking systems and infrastructure. These systems are designed to accomplish the organisation’s overall business objectives, as well as improve organisational scalability and agility.

While the virtual CIOs decisions encompass technology, they are also involved in decision making that supports the long-term growth and strategy of the business with a focus on bridging the gap between small business and large enterprise.

The role of the CIO

  • Assessments – Thoroughly assess your overall IT process and configuration policies and suggest the most effective changes that will promote secure and cost-effective networks 
  • Planning – IT planning is at the core of your infrastructure, you need to be able to determine the followings budgets, staffing, business continuity planning, disaster recovery processes 
  • Designing – Cost effective and secure network design planning 
  • Involvement – Attend management and planning meetings to fully understand your business

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