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What is hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP, also known as a Virtual PBX, is an Internet phone system or private branch exchange (the private telephone network used within a company to make and receive phone calls outside of the business) delivered as a hosted service.

This means that the provider is responsible for housing the IP-PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange), as well as maintaining and managing the technology required to provide the services to the phone system.


Cost-effective and scalable hosted PBX phone systems (IP PBX) delivering flexibility and reliability.

How it works:

At the user level, an employee’s IP desk phone connects to a router where the calls, signalling and features all run through an IP-PBX server based at the service provider’s location. A monthly fee is typically paid for this service, with businesses having the ability to add and remove features as and when they are needed, which provides a significant degree of flexibility.

Learn more about the difference between Hosted PBX and On-Premise PBX.

The benefits of hosted PBX
(Virtual PBX / Cloud PBX / IP PBX)

  • The third-party provider is responsible for running, managing and upgrading the Hosted PBX
  • A significant reduction in installation, operation and maintenance costs
  • No training or specialty knowledge required for running the phone system or adding extensions etc., as the PBX provider maintains the system
  • Scalable with your business
  • Superior integration – including CRM integration
  • Simple addition of extra lines
  • Low monthly service cost
  • Outsourced maintenance
  • Extended features, like conferencing (may come with additional costs)
  • Highly flexible – this includes month-to-month payments to avoid lock in, as well as being able to transfer office extensions to mobile
  • Potential to reduce telephone costs by up to 80% by leveraging SIP trunks, WebRTC, free calling to remote extensions and reducing the number of telephony lines
  • Superior call quality when paired with the right internet connection
  • PBX housed in a data centre environment could see an increase in efficiency and stability, as data centres are specifically equipped with cooling and other infrastructure to house them

Remove the need for on-premise PBX hardware and management

Sound quality guarantee

eStorm Australia has one of the highest quality VoIP networks in Australia, allowing us to provide you with our Sound Quality Guarantee. We guarantee that your calls will sound at least the same, if not better than a regular phone call. Our premium network enables us to be one of the only VoIP providers in Australia able to provide this promise.

Service Level Agreement

eStorm Australia's Business VoIP customers enjoy a 99.99% available service, ensuring that your business communications services are always available for your use.

Our PBXaaS (PBX as a Service) offers an affordable and advanced telephony service that eliminates on-site PBX hardware, which allows you to choose to remove phones and cabling all together. With features such as multi-way calling, voice to email and call diverting, internal and external communication could not be easier.

Whether you're looking for the best hosted PBX for small business or enterprise level communication services, eStorm has everything for your needs.

eStorm Australia is a certified 3CX Gold Partner.


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