Cyber Security Services

As technology evolves, cyber threats and attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and difficult to prevent. Whether you’re in need of network, cloud or device security, you can rest easy with eStorm watching your back.

Understand Your Cyber Security Risks

The first step to combating cyber threats is to know your attacker.

The team at eStorm understands your company and customer data, web portals and programs are at the very core of your organisation. That’s why we aim to help you understand the risks that your company faces, and how to combat them.

Cyber security threats and attacks come in many forms, and it can be difficult to know who – or what – to trust. Whilst most cyberattacks are orchestrated by criminals looking for money or information, threats can also come from clients, business competitors, or current/former employees (who may accidentally or intentionally compromise your information).

The most common cyberattacks are:
- Malware
- Ransomware
- Denial of Service
- DNS Tunnelling

Download our FREE white paper 'The Fundamentals of Cybersecurity'  to increase your knowledge on cyber threats and how to avoid them.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) vs. Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

MSPs offer general maintenance and support for your IT infrastructure, releasing some (or all) of the burden surrounding your day-to-day IT needs. MSPs offer a litany of services that include remote and onsite support, monitoring of your network and software, and scheduled maintenance to reduce interruptions and downtime. You can read more about eStorm’s Managed Services solutions here. While an MSP will set a solid foundation for cyber security by assessing and implementing patches for your network and systems, an MSSP performs these tasks at a larger scale.

MSSPs are 100% dedicated to monitoring and assessing your IT security. Their core focus is to ensure your organisation is secure and compliant with cyber security standards and best practices. MSSPs offer a variety of outsourced IT security services to ensure the safety of your data, networks and systems. Such services can include continuous security and threat monitoring, incident responses, risk assessments and managed firewall and virtual private networks.

Many SMBs find that hiring a full-time employee to monitor their security systems is expensive and unsustainable. Onboarding an MSSP is often a more cost-effective and efficient method of protecting your data and network from cyber threats and intrusions. Additionally, you also have the benefit of lowered costs for equipment/tools and full scalability as your business (and thus your cyber security needs) evolve.

Fortunately, you do not have to choose one or the other. As specialists in both general IT support and IT security, eStorm can tailor a combined MSP and MSSP solution that provides peace of mind, minimised downtime, and a cyber security strategy tighter than Fort Knox.

Mitigate Your Cyber Security Risks

Implement healthy IT habits and strategies to stop cyber attackers in their tracks

So you know ways that your network and data can be breached, but how do you prevent it?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all or blanket approach to cyber security; it is an ever-evolving issue that must be tackled and reviewed on a regular basis. That’s why at eStorm we believe companies must take on a comprehensive and cohesive approach in order to keep all aspects of their cyber security current and impenetrable.

While this may sound complex, there are guidelines to follow in order to lay down the solid foundations on which you can build your security infrastructure. This introduces us to The Essential 8.

The Essential 8 is a set of security strategies initiated by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). It provides the fundamental guidelines required to ensure you are implementing the correct IT security habits across your business.

Using The Essential 8 framework, eStorm will implement a multi-layered defence strategy to combat the increasing number of cyber threats in today’s world so you can confidently focus on growing your business.

Why Trust eStorm with Your Cyber Security Services

Managed IT Support Services
Network Security

Whatever your network security needs, the eStorm team will be able to help. Our services includes internet connectivity and access, managing local area networks (LAN) and wireless networks (Wi-Fi).

Security Consulting

 Our security consulting services include; security audits, facilitation towards ISO 27001 certification, education on cyber security awareness for staff, and assessments of your cyber security vulnerabilities.

Infastructure as a service
Risk Management

Risk management and mitigation is an ongoing and evolving task. Our managed security services will help your business develop risk mitigation strategies to protect your company from cyber attacks.

Is your cyber security strategy compliant?

In just the past year, we've seen cyber security breaches on NSW Health, JBS Foods and the University of NSW. These breaches have cost millions of dollars to rectify. Can you afford the loss in revenue, trust, and clean-up costs?

We know the initial start up costs to get your cyber security strategy compliant can be daunting. That's why we're offering a FREE discussion/meeting with one of our cyber security experts. Our expert will sit down with you to discuss your current IT security strategy, what you should be focussing on, and whether you're taking the right steps towards compliance.

Completely free.

No obligation to continue your cyber security journey with us.

Contact Us

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Dedicated IT Security Consultants

Just like the system solutions we present to you, we are also able to deliver a support service model to suit your specific requirements. These include adhoc, prepaid or managed services.

We truly pride ourselves on bringing fast, friendly and effective expertise to your technology needs. Whether on-site, or via our service desk, our expert technicians combine their IT service and support expertise with friendly and welcoming service to deliver a superior customer experience.

If you need business IT security/cybersecurity services, let the team at eStorm help. Contact is today!

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Case Studies

Get business driven results with eStorm.

To meet the needs of a large client, Liquid Animation worked with eStorm to architect a solution that allowed international animators to seamlessly access data. This was achieved using a combination of cloud-based work stations and Amazon Web Services.

Liquid Animation

For RE/MAX, reporting is essential. With multiple data sources, collating information was frustrating and time-consuming. To remove this hassle, eStorm identified Microsoft Power BI as the perfect solution and assisted the team to ensure a smooth transition.


As their remote working requirements expanded, so did Bluecoast’s need for additional Microsoft Sharepoint storage. To remove these limitations, our Gold Partner status allowed us to build a more robust storage solution in Microsoft OneDrive.


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