IT Support for Schools & Education

The challenging budget cycles faced by many educational institutions and education service providers often make it difficult to innovate and grow. At eStorm, our IT support services for schools and education are uniquely positioned to dramatically reduce operational overheads while improving efficiencies through working with existing IT teams.

Through working closely with schools and learning institutions across Australia, we've come to deeply understand the unique needs and IT challenges

We understand that the performance and reliability of your school network, servers and devices is paramount to the smooth and successful operation of your learning environment.

At eStorm, we partner with you to understand your IT and operational needs. We assess your current IT environment capabilities and work with your existing IT team to design and implement cost-effective solutions that deliver superior performance.

The goal in our approach is to remove the day-to-day challenges and hurdles that arise with your IT infrastructure and environment, ensuring your team are freed up to focus on more valuable initiatives.

Our IT support services for education are designed to deliver flexible support to existing IT teams. We help ensure your IT environment and IT solutions are secure, reliable and tailored to your specific budget and needs.

No matter the existing or future environment, our certified technicians can deliver multi-platform support including Microsoft support, Apple support and Linux support. Likewise, we can help establish cross-platform environments by running your Apple devices on your school's Windows network.


We specialise in working with your existing IT team to provide flexible end-to-end IT support that ensures you're maximising your IT investment to benefit both staff and students

  • Access to technical specialists via our Help Desk
  • Remote Management and monitoring of active networks, server platforms and server applications
  • Australian based Help Desk and online portal
  • Onsite engineer days to supplement your existing IT team and provide advice, guidance and hands-on support
  • 24x7 monitoring of ICT infrastructure if required
  • A response-based contract
  • Full time on site technician if required

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