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The Essential 8 strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents are designed to protect businesses from cyber security incidents and breaches. Achieve compliance and implement the strategies with eStorm's Essential 8 services & consulting

What is the Essential Eight?

The Essential 8 is a set of security strategies initiated by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). It provides the fundamental guidelines required to ensure you are implementing the correct IT security habits across your business. While no mitigation strategy is guaranteed to prevent cyberattacks, the Essential Eight strategies as a minimum will make it much more difficult for attackers to compromise your systems.

The two main goals of the Essential Eight are to:

1. Prevent attacks
2. Limit the extent of attacks

The Essential Eight Strategies

Prevent Attacks

Controlling the applications that can be downloaded and executed on your network prevents the spread and implementation of malicious code. The ASD recommends you ‘whitelist’ a set of pre-approved apps and prohibit applications that are not on this list from being installed.

Patching (or updating) applications regularly is an important part of keeping your IT software and systems secure from potential threats. Old/unsupported software create vulnerabilities in your network that can easily be taken advantage of. Ensure applications with ‘high risk’ vulnerabilities are patched within 48 hours and keep on top of updates for popular software such as Microsoft Office, Java and PDF viewers.

While most macros are used to automate regular tasks such as formatting documents, some can pose a security risk. Cyber attackers can program macros to run malicious code to spread viruses on your computer or network. Therefore, the ASD suggests you should only enable macros from trusted and verified sources and block those from unapproved or unreliable sites.

Ads, plugins and unneeded features on your applications are popular ways to execute malicious code on your network and systems. You should consider blocking ads and Java, and also disabling unnecessary features/plugins in Office, PDF views, web browsers and any other software you use regularly. 

Limit the Extent of Attacks

The less admin accounts you have, the better. This is because cyber attackers actively seek to seize to admin accounts in order to gain greater access to your network. Set privileges according to user roles (e.g. someone who primarily uses their system for viewing emails and web browsing does not need admin access), and review those privileges regularly.

Implementing multi-factor authentication prevents adversaries from accessing your data and systems, even if they have a password. Setting up 2-or-3-step authentication processes (including passwords, biometrics and SMS confirmations) will limit the manoeuvrability of potential attackers if they gain access to your system.

As mentioned in Step 2, patching and updating your operating systems to latest versions (specifically to avoid unsupported versions) is critical in preventing vulnerabilities in your network. Patch ‘extreme risk’ vulnerabilities in computers/networks within 48 hours and install new updates as soon as feasibly possible.

In case of a cyber security incident or outage, you should ensure your data is protected by undertaking regular backup methods. Backup new data, software and configuration settings daily and retain for at least 3 months. You should also store two backup copies of your data on two different mediums (such as a cloud service and offline disk drive) and store one of these offsite (not on your own network). Read more about data protection here.

Using The Essential 8 framework, eStorm will implement a multi-layered defence strategy to combat the increasing number of cyber threats in today’s world so you can confidently focus on growing your business.

The Essential Eight Maturity Levels

In order to assist businesses and organisations with the implementation of the Essential Eight, three maturity levels have been defined for each mitigation strategy.

Managed IT Support Services
Maturity Level One
Partly aligned with the intent of the mitigation strategy
Maturity Level Two
Mostly aligned with the intent of the mitigation strategy
Infastructure as a service
Maturity Level Three
Fully aligned with the intent of the mitigation strategy

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