Colocation & Server Hosting

Tap into extended infrastructure without running large scale internal projects with our colocation services and server hosting. Gain access to premium data centres, resulting in minimised capital expenses and total cost of ownership while improving efficiencies and security

Enterprise level network infrastructure, management, data center facilities, 24x7 monitoring and premium security

Many businesses own the right hardware to aid core operations, yet lack the necessary resources (space, cooling, technical ability and equipment) to optimise their use.

Often it can be unsustainable to house IT equipment in your office as new projects arise or the company grows. Server rooms in particular require a dust free, temperature-controlled environment with ample space to keep them accessible and running optimally. Overheads can begin to inflate with the need to bring on new staff to manage the environment as well as maintenance and electricity costs.

Whether you need a data centre in Brisbane or Australia wide, our colocation services and server hosting enable you to benefit from Tier 3 data centres while maintaining control over your network hardware and storage, as well as your budget.



What is colocation?

Colocation is the process of renting space for, and housing, your computing hardware and servers at a third-party data center. Colocation services include the building where the equipment resides, physical security, networking, redundant power, internet and cooling components all of which support the servers, storage and equipment.

Housing your servers in one of our premium tier 3 secured data centres, located across Australia, provides a safer and easier approach for businesses of all sizes. Housing your data on shore provides the added level of assurance knowing your servers are compliant with regulatory guidelines.

How does colocation work?

Colocation enables you to house your server/s in a rack, and other computing hardware, in our premium tier 3 data centre facilities located across Australia. The data centres are equipped with high bandwidth connectivity to your private network and the internet.  

Our data centre engineers have specially designed our facilities to support top tier security, along with the availability for mission critical applications hosting, IT infrastructure and other digital assets.  

Racking in one of our data centres delivers you peace of mind with such features as: 

  • Rack space rented per rack unit as opposed to an entire rack 
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime 
  • 24x7 monitoring of the environment 
  • Environmental monitoring and control for temperature and humidity
  • Redundant generators and full battery backup
  • Fingerprint access to the building and photo-idswipe access to different areas 

Cost savings

While Colocation data centers require you to bear the upfront costs associated with hardware, they ultimately allow you to eliminate the capital expenditure required to build and maintain your own facility in-house while retaining complete ownership and control of the physical equipment.

With hardware prices increasing and hosting fees becoming more affordable, businesses of all sizes are opting to have their server hosted at a data centre. Likewise, colocation allows you to gain access to enterprise-grade data centre facilities without the upfront investment.

Running costs are another significant expense to consider. Electricity expenses for running your servers and the necessary cooling, along with maintaining the ideal temperature and dust-free environment, establishing redundancy systems to maintain uptime and the added security measures required that are simply not feasible in most offices.  


With the provision of redundant power and internet, coupled with a fully dust proofs and environmentally controlled data room, your server is ensured the longest possible life span.

Colocation offers a number of reliable measures that can often be impossible to establish and maintain within a normal office environment. These data centre advantages include redundant power and internet to maintain server uptime, monitored and controlled environments and temperatures, biometric access, security and 24x7 operations.

You supply the servers and storage, and retain full control over your private hardware, but rest easy knowing it’s in the most ideal environment built solely for keeping computer hardware safe and secure while optimising performance.


With the increasing costs of hardware and the upkeep that comes with it, more and more businesses are opting to have virtual servers hosted offsite.  This enables you to gain all the advantages of a physical on-site environment, but with the flexibility to increase and decrease your server capacity as you need it.

Big project coming up?  Simply spin up an additional server for a few months and shut it down when it’s no longer required.  Sudden staff increase?  There’s no need to go out and buy a whole new server anymore; simply increase the power on your current one.  Downsizing?  Simply lower the specifications in your server and in turn, lower your ongoing costs.  Where this kind of flexibility was once only available to large corporations, virtual server hosting is more competitive than ever and often the best way solution, no matter the size of your business. 


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