Cloud Consulting

Cloud consulting services that help businesses capitalise on cloud scalability and efficiency in strategic and cost-effective ways

Expert IT consultancy at your disposal

Nowadays, most businesses have some form of complex IT environment. Whether they’re operating infrastructure, apps, telephony or cloud storage in a private cloud or a hybrid on-premise environment. It can be hard to maintain, let alone optimise such a broad collection of resources.

In order to get the most out of your IT investment, you need the help and guidance of IT professionals with technical knowledge and cloud consulting services.

With over 15 years experience and key relationships with leading cloud vendors and services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services - we can identify, implement and manage the right environment for your business with confidence.

Leverage our cloud professional services to build secure networks, manage complex applications and database platforms while delivering wrap-around managed services.



There is no one size fits all approach. Each business we partner with has their own unique vision, goals, values and direction.

When we consult with you around your cloud options, we consider your current IT infrastructure, IT costs and the benefits you want from your cloud environment. Additionally, we explore your current industry trends to expose potential competitive advantages.

We then determine your cloud readiness by assessing your current IT infrastructure, applications and workloads. This can also help when considering cloud migration in order to identify and minimise potential risks.

We work with you to develop a road map and cloud strategy that will help align your IT environment with current and future business objectives. This step also helps businesses to scale from 5 to 500 users across multiple countries as and when they need to. Likewise, this helps you to extract maximum value from your cloud solution as well as optimise performance, drive competitive advantage and increase growth.

We then design and implement your new IT infrastructure, along with your migration to the new environment. This approach also allows us to offer cost effective solutions while minimising potential risks to the business.

Real-time data

Cloud environments open the door to big data and data analytics. By monitoring and analysing data from your environment in real time you can create an agile and dynamic cloud solution benefiting both your staff and clients.

Whether you’re moving to the cloud, or you’re already there, our cloud consulting services will help you to get the most out of your IT environment.


Our core purpose is to remove the day-to-day challenges you face with your IT environment. By allowing eStorm to manage your IT environment, a burden is lifted and you are free to focus solely on what you do best. No more wasted time searching for ways to fix your computer problems - just peace of mind.


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