Private WAN

eStorm's private WAN provides you peace of mind knowing that your applications and data are delivered fast on a dedicated secure network regardless of location

Highly scalable, cost effective, secure and flexible private networks / private IP

An optimised private WAN can truly provide peace of mind. Knowing users can access information in the cloud as quickly and simply as if it were stored on local area networks (LANs). Your applications and data is delivered on a dedicated and secure network over long distances, regardless of location.


Gain easy access to information in the cloud as if it were stored on a local network

By leveraging managed IP services, you can establish your own cost-effective private network that facilitates an efficient and productive workforce. Private IP networking is not only flexible and secure, but offers a highly scalable private wide area network (Private WAN) that integrates all business locations and internet access.

The benefits of a fully managed private WAN with eStorm

  • Design, installation, configuration and monitoring of all necessary hardware and software to support your Managed Private WAN.
  • LAN-like access to data and applications throughout your organisation, regardless of location, whether it’s your head office, branch office or in the field to support real-time collaboration.
  • Physical management of the network infrastructure to deal with access or transport issues, as well as complete management services that encompass life-cycle monitoring, management and repair.
  • Proactive monitoring and notification to isolate faults and recommend corrective measures.

When it comes to private WAN and managed IP services, there is simply no one better than eStorm.


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