Professional Development

We've developed a wide range of educational technology workshops to support professional development for teachers, staff and schools. We offer in-house workshops along with onsite half day, full day and twilight sessions.

Technology PD for teachers

Teachers and educators are aware of the need for students today to develop digital literacy, as well as for digital technologies to be integrated into the classroom and curriculum.

Facilitating this digital integration surpasses the provision of technology and devices. An effective digital technology learning strategy integrates ICT learning into daily classroom interaction.

Steve Jobs famously said that everyone should learn to program a computer because "it teaches you how to think."

The process of internalising the fundamentals of technology is an important framework for learning and it is complementary to all STEM / STEAM learning streams.

Group of primary school students are crowded round a computer with their teacher. They are all laughing and looking at the computer screen.

We offer educational technology workshops for teachers spanning different models and platforms

Infastructure as a service

SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. This workshop focuses on these four degrees of classroom technology integration.

Managed IT Support Services

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This workshop covers the learning approach helps students develop skills such as problem solving and creativity.

STEAM Workshops

STEAM uses science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to help students engage with inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

Apple Workshops

Apple workshops help provide teachers to build foundational skills with Apple products, which inturn helps students learn through activities and innovative lessons.

We believe PD for teachers is the key to integrating digital technology learning strategies into the classroom

At eStorm, we offer a suite of professional development workshops in digital technologies and robotics for teachers and educators. The workshops are designed to empower teachers to comprehend, learn and deliver lessons in important digital and robotic technology skills.

The workshops also help educators bring classrooms up to speed on today's technology and integrating technology into learning across all classroom subjects.

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Case Studies

Get business driven results with eStorm.

To meet the needs of a large client, Liquid Animation worked with eStorm to architect a solution that allowed international animators to seamlessly access data. This was achieved using a combination of cloud-based work stations and Amazon Web Services.

Liquid Animation

For RE/MAX, reporting is essential. With multiple data sources, collating information was frustrating and time-consuming. To remove this hassle, eStorm identified Microsoft Power BI as the perfect solution and assisted the team to ensure a smooth transition.


As their remote working requirements expanded, so did Bluecoast’s need for additional Microsoft Sharepoint storage. To remove these limitations, our Gold Partner status allowed us to build a more robust storage solution in Microsoft OneDrive.


eStorm educational workshops

Learn from experts

Our small group of highly skilled teachers facilitate our workshops that cover a broad range of subjects. These include STEAM workshops, SAMR focused learning, device and software specific training through to effective classroom practices using technology and Apple workshops.

Managed IT Support Services
Working with you 

We understand it’s a challenge for schools to release staff to attend the workshops as it is often expensive to cover both the training and the absent teachers. This is why eStorm has a range of PD offerings and always strives to keep the pricing affordable for our clients.

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