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Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of cloud tools that go far beyond the traditional Microsoft Office products. Partner with eStorm to identify the right solution for your business requirements and for complete Office 365 management

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Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of cloud tools that are vital in driving efficiency and productivity for your business. Whether working on PCs or Macs from home, in the office or on the go, Office 365 enables seamless collaboration and workflow for your whole team.


Microsoft Office 365 as a Managed Service

Office 365 combines the latest and greatest versions of the usual Microsoft Office suite you’re used to, as well as a number of new tools. These include SharePoint, Skype for Business, Teams etc - tools designed to facilitate the achievement of organisational goals, workplace communication and collaboration.

Office 365’s cost structure is subscription based, which makes these suites, tools and applications available on a per user per month model. This has significant benefits as businesses can expand and contract services as and when they are needed while keeping costs predictable.

However, managing Office 365 subscriptions and Office 365 licenses can quickly become a full time ‘second role’ for someone within the organisation.

At eStorm, we not only offer Office 365 support and troubleshooting, but we also deliver Office 365 management. What does that mean exactly? With a wide range of plans (Office 365 Business, Office 365 Enterprise), deployment options and services (Microsoft Outlook 365 support, Office 365 migration processes, email systems / user mailboxes) - our IT experts are here to provide 365 business support and remove your hurdles, no matter the issue.

By removing the challenges associated with Office 365 setup, troubleshooting and license management, we free you up to focus on more valuable initiatives.

Don’t waste any more time on administrative IT tasks, searching online for solutions to software problems or keeping licenses up to date and compliant. Get back to focusing on your core business and leave it to your trusted IT partner - eStorm Australia.


Offering a range of support services for Microsoft Office 365

At eStorm, we work closely with you to determine how your business can benefit from Microsoft Office 365 solutions. We assess your current subscriptions, workflows and infrastructure to help you choose the right plan for your requirements.

We then setup your Office 365 subscription, or migrate your Office 365 licenses, from which point we will keep your licenses compliant and up to date. All Office 365 subscriptions are billed monthly to you.

Office 365 Business Plans

From Office 365 business essentials to Office 365 business premium, these plans are tailored for small and medium sized businesses with 1-300 employees.

Office business plans allow your team to sign in and get going. With access to cloud services like Office Online and tools for video conferencing, messaging, file sharing and cloud storage - as well as the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint - you’ll be up and running in no time.


Office 365 Enterprise Plans

With unlimited users, the office 365 enterprise plans are suited to the needs of medium to enterprise level businesses.

Office enterprise plans allow your team to sign in and get going. With access to cloud services like Office Online and tools for video conferencing, messaging, file sharing and cloud storage - as well as the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint - you’ll be up and running in no time.

For Office 365 business plans and Office 365 enterprise plans, it’s important to note that Microsoft takes care of your hosting, storage, data security and backup.

Office 365 Migration Support

At eStorm Australia, our local technical experts possess the relevant expertise to assist, or completely manage your migration to Microsoft Office 365. Whether it is a simple email migration, or a full migration of email, documents, archives and more. We use purpose-built migration software to ensure productivity and accessibility are maintained at all times during the process.

From service desk support to the proactive management of your Office 365 environment, our flexible and customisable support service is tailored to your needs.


Office 365 Mail and Calendar Support

Clear, concise and timely communication is more important today than ever before. With much of our business carried out via email and meetings, it is vital that your email and calendars are functioning to your needs, synched across your devices, and giving you the right information when you need it most.

eStorm’s local IT experts can help you manage out of office replies, create distribution groups, and share calendars to ensure your staff and clients never miss any mail or meetings again. Conversely, we can help reduce spam and other unwanted mail from getting in your way.

Document Management Support

Effective document management can help streamline staff productivity by enabling enabling them to access relevant documents securely and quickly. Microsoft Office 365 has several solutions for document management including OneDrive and SharePoint.

We can help create your SharePoint environment, as well as customise the look and feel to suit your needs. Alternatively, if a simpler solution is required, we can ensure OneDrive is accessible to all your staff with relevant permissions set; ensuring your secure documents stay secure.


Skype for Business Support

Skype for Business is the Microsoft Office 365 communication and video conferencing solution. It provides seamless integration into your existing contacts and allows simple communications all from the comfort of your desktop. eStorm can help create and maintain your Skype solution and conference systems.

Microsoft Office 365 Licensing

Maximise cost effectiveness by ensuring each of your staff members has the correct Microsoft Office 365 plan. eStorm will consult with you to ensure you're not paying for licences that you don't need, or give staff access to applications that they will not utilise.

Microsoft Office 365 User Access

As your Microsoft Office 365 environment grows, so does the amount of resources requiring management. eStorm can maintain staff access to those resources, as well as ensure that only the relevant documents are able to be viewed by permitted staff. In doing so, we ensure that your document and application security is upheld.

Learn more about Office 365 with eStorm's Ulitmate Guide to Microsoft Office 365 migration.


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