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A simplified onboarding process, effortless password security and a safe offboarding process. eStorm Secure is more than just a business password manager—it’s your trusted enterprise password management tool

Improve your overall security with eStorm Secure—the trusted enterprise level password manager for protecting all password gated entry points to your business

Staff turnover is an issue faced across all industries—more than 1.7 million Australians leave their place of work each year. 

However, when someone leaves your organisation, do you know exactly what information they’re taking with them? Even worse—could they still have access to your accounts and information today? 

This is far more common than you think. A SailPoint Market Report showed that more than 2 in 5 employees have access to a variety of corporate accounts after leaving their last job. 

With the average enterprise using 91 services (Slack, OneDrive, CRM, Website etc) there are far too many accounts and services to monitor. Likewise, attempting to remember your password for every website, portal, tool and piece of software is borderline impossible.

Some organisations like to solve this problem by using a very simple and memorable password, variations of the same password, or worse – the exact same password across all logins.  

This is of significant concern as simple and memorable passwords are very easy for hackers to gain access to. A staggering 81% of breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords.  

Even using a very strong password, but used across many sites and logins, means a single breach on one site or platform can compromise your information everywhere else.  

That’s where a password manager comes in.  

What is an enterprise password manager?

A password manager is an application that creates, remembers and automatically fills in your passwords for you. Log in to an account one time, or manually add login information to your password manager, and it will automatically store your username and password.  

All your passwords are stored in an encrypted format, which means they’re safe and protected. A password manager provides fast, secure and easy access to all your stored passwords with the help of a single master password.  

A password manager is beneficial for any business aiming to boost overall security, simplify the on and offboarding processes, and help employees manage their passwords more effectively. 

  • Administrative controls and monitoring 
  • Password sharing 
  • Security and encryption 
  • User friendly 

Simple onboarding and offboarding

A SailPoint Market Report found that a simple onboarding and offboarding process helps your organisation prevent some internal security risks with provisioning and application usage.  

Likewise, a simplified onboarding and offboarding process helps save a significant amount of time and money. Simply revoke access to the departing employees work related passwords and data inside eStorm Secure and gain instant peace of mind. 

Administrative controls & monitoring

eStorm Secure offers tools that enable you to oversee your employees’ use of the program. This means monitoring features such as dashboards, delegated administration, team sharing, role-based permissions, analytics and auditing. 

These tools enable you to enforce all organisational password policies and aid in regulatory compliance. 

It is important to note that eStorm Secure does not compromise the privacy of your employees. 


Password sharing

Oftentimes several people need access to certain tools and information, which means shared accounts and password sharing is a very standard office operation. However, the methods via which employees use to share those passwords, such as email and internal chat programs, are not safe. 

Our enterprise level solution is the ultimate password manager for teams, projects and general organizational use as it enables employees to share passwords in a secure, convenient and efficient way. The built-in administrative tools also allow you to share passwords on a temporary basis or with full access. 

Likewise, these shared credentials can be set to update automatically so that all other team members continue their access. 


Arguably the most important aspect of your password manager. The current recommended method of encryption for password protection is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key length. This method has been deemed secure enough to protect the United States Government’s most highly classified data. 

eStorm secure uses a zero-knowledge protocol in its security architecture. This allows the employee full, exclusive control over the encryption and decryption of their data via a Master Password. This Master Password should never be stored on the password manager’s server or anywhere in the company’s network. 

You can learn more about why your business needs a password manager here.


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