Managed IT Services

Remove the hassle of business IT management and maintenance with expert Managed IT Services headquartered in Brisbane. No more wasted staff hours to technical issues or computer problems—just more time focused on what you do best.

What is an MSP? (Managed Service Provider)

Managed IT Services is a subscription-based outsourcing of IT systems management for businesses, which also includes the management of other IT processes and functions intended to improve business operations and reduce costs.

Think of IT service management as "IT Support as a Subscription." Similar to your Netflix or Spotify subscription, you pay a fixed monthly fee and gain access to a wide range of managed IT services designed to help your business.

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why partner with a managed it service provider

Why use an IT Managed Service provider?

The goal of managed IT services is to help your business run more effectively by transferring the burden of managing and maintaining your IT software, hardware and environment to us—the managed IT service provider.

As your IT managed service provider we then maintain responsibility for the day-to-day maintenance, up-keep and functionality of your IT service, equipment and overall infrastructure, as well as any short or long-term IT strategy and expansion.

Concurrently, many businesses find hiring, training and maintaining an internal IT staff cost prohibitive. Using a managed service provider allows businesses of all sizes to outsource all or part of their technology and IT needs.

3 key reasons why businesses choose to partner with an MSP

Minimised downtime and cost reductions

Computer systems crashing, software not functioning properly, computers running slowly—you know what this can do to productivity. With fully qualified expert IT technicians just a click or call away, and response times within the hour, your staff are no longer spending valuable work hours searching for fixes to IT problems.

Likewise, with 24x7 proactive monitoring of your IT systems, we're able to identify and address any issues before they cause damage, interruptions to your business or financial loss.


With over 43% of cyber attacks targeting small to medium businesses, it's vital that vulnerability assessments, threat management and secure user access and verification become commonplace for your business.

At eStorm, we're always working with leading technology vendors and testing the latest world-class technology, tools, systems and security to deliver the best and safest IT solutions that ultimately deliver the best results for your business.

Peace of mind

With a reliable IT managed service provider you can rest easy knowing that, no matter where you are or what issue arises, you have skilled professional IT experts in your corner who are prepared and ready to help you.

Furthermore, our team are always undergoing training and education to ensure they have the most relevant and up-to-date tech and market knowledge.

What you get with eStorm's Managed IT Service package

Remote & On-Site Support
Don't spend another minute searching online for how to fix your computer and IT issues. With our remote technical support, Help Desk access and face-to-face on-site IT support, you're never more than a click or call away from having your IT issues fixed by our friendly team of ICT experts.

Monitoring & Reporting
Our proactive approach to the management of your IT systems—with 24x7 monitoring and monthly service reports— ensures your business is protected from security threats, sudden hardware failures and system faults.

Our regular health checks on your core IT infrastructure not only reduce the risk of potentially disastrous hardware failures, but help to identify your IT's strengths and weaknesses so steps can be taken to ensure you get the best performance out of your IT investment.

From anti-virus and malware protection to 24x7 monitoring and business-wide IT security, we help keep your business and data safe with best in class IT and cyber security solutions that are tailored to your business.

  • Virus checks
  • Firewall rules / logs / operations maintenance
  • Complete security inspections
  • Checks to core file and folder permissions

Scheduled Maintenance
Our scheduled maintenance helps your business reduce interruptions and downtime while keeping everything secure, up-to-date and performing at it's peak.

  • Software checkups, maintenance, repairs
  • Patches & updates
  • Defragmentation
  • Disk and cache clean up
  • General maintenance (fixing issues highlighted by monitoring)
  • Checks for physical, hardware and software-related issues

Additional Services

  • Fortnightly scheduled visits
  • Guaranteed fast response times
  • Unlimited support hours on-site and remote
  • Troubleshooting for hardware & software issues
  • Cloud back-up
  • Management of all network devices
  • On-site back-up management
  • Redundancy check ups
  • Server and workstation management
  • Checks to routers / switches / UPS
  • Disk space utilisation
  • Checks for application functionality
  • Mobile user device management (Windows, iOS and Android)
  • Checks to log files on workstations and servers
  • Licenses and license renewals


Why businesses choose us as their trusted IT Managed Service provider?

  • 15+ years experience
  • Core focus around growing and improving client business
  • Predictable pricing with fixed monthly fees
  • Cost-effective managed IT support
  • Customisable managed IT support packages
  • Leading managed IT service technicians
  • Lightning fast on-site support and remote support
  • Regular health check on your core IT infrastructure, which help reduce the risk of potentially disastrous hardware failures
  • Dedicated Australian based account managers
  • Peace of mind
  • IT systems monitoring and reviews
  • Licenses and license renewals
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Cost savings for your business
  • Managed IT service and support experts who understand all the latest technology
  • A stress-free IT environment
  • Friendly, fast and reliable service desk operators
  • Experience across a wide range of industries
  • Manage as much or as little as you like

Your competitive advantage

Your competitors aren't spending their time troubleshooting and fixing their own computer problems. Their Microsoft Outlook isn't loading emails? They're not spending time running a search on Google for how to fix it. They're picking up the phone and having their MSP connect to their computer to fix it in minutes so they can get back to working on their business.

With dedicated Australia based account managers, we are your IT managed network operations team. We are your information technology experts. We are your IT service desk. We are your cloud computing experts. We are your tech support team. Any IT related enquiry, we’re just a phone call or email away.

No matter your IT service requests, eStorm is here to help.


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