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No more productivity issues. eStorm provides IT environments tailored specifically for the demands of designers, animators, editors and filmmakers

Specialist IT environment and storage area network design to handle high demand

Post production, design and animation studios face a number of day-to-day challenges with their IT environments. From their complex workflows to storing data, GPU rendering and large file transfers, there are many opportunities for bottlenecks to occur.

We know that your time is money. Bottlenecks and hurdles in your workflow can cost a fortune in wages, downtime, missed deadlines and opportunity costs. This is why, with our extensive knowledge and expertise in your space, we source the right work-horses, networking and storage systems suitable to the demands of your line of work.


Previous projects have seen us developing and implementing a range of services

  • Render farms located both on-site and in data centres.
  • Storage area networks ensuring the fastest possible access to video files that limit, and in some cases eliminate, the need to copy files back and forth from external storage.
  • Shared storage arrays that span across Australia, and in some instances, the world.

eStorm is the one-stop-shop for your production house. Our technical experts possess the right knowledge and expertise to tailor IT infrastructure and systems to the needs of your studio.

From render farms and network storage to large data transfer support

There is no substitute for experience. At eStorm Australia, we have worked with a wide array of budgets and industry leaders. This includes working with some of Australia’s biggest and busiest studios, whose clients include ABC, Disney, Matel and Pixar to name just a few.

We have a wealth of experience in establishing IT environments and storage area networks (SAN) that are fine-tuned for post-production, design and animation studios. These environments are optimised to facilitate hundreds of terabytes of data being accessed by hundreds of editors simultaneously.


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