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Hosted PBX vs On-Premise PBX with eStorm Australia IT Support and Managed Services Brisbane

IP-PBX (VoIP) vs Traditional PBX Phone Solutions: Which Is Best?

By eStormAdmin | May 22, 2018

As today’s business environment is so highly dependent upon greater connectivity amongst stakeholders, vendors, customers, staff members and supervisors – as well as small businesses often succeeding or failing based on the effectiveness of their communications systems – being dependent upon traditional phone companies for technology and service is often an expensive, time consuming and […]

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SIP, VoIP – What does it all mean??

By eStormAdmin | June 29, 2016

When it’s time to replace your old traditional phone system there are a number of Internet Protocol (IP) based solutions that are available to small business. The challenge is to select the system to suit your needs so that you can fully reap the rewards of cost efficiency and increased productivity. Before you purchase, it’s […]

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How a Hosted PBX can benefit you!

By eStormAdmin | March 23, 2016

What is Hosted PBX A Hosted PBX system is basically your phone system in the cloud. Instead of you having a clunky old piece of hardware stuck on the wall in your office, the heavy lifting is done off-site. All you really need is an account, a handset, and an Internet connection. Cost Effective A […]

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Business Phone Systems Brisbane

By Adam Dare | February 12, 2016

VoIP Could be the solution for your business phones. Today’s business IT environment depends on greater connectivity amongst stakeholders, including vendors, customers, staff members and supervisors. Small businesses often succeed or fail based on the effectiveness of their communications systems, but being dependent on traditional phone companies for technology and service is often an expensive […]

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Why make the switch to VoIP and PBXaaS?

By eStormAdmin | September 18, 2015

This week eStorm Australia released our PBXaaS and VoIP services for businesses and we want to give you an overview of what this can mean for your business. PBXaaS (PBX as a Service) from eStorm Australia is a revolutionary business telephony service that provides an industry leading feature set, without the traditional maintenance, hardware, phones […]

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