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Best Practices for Backing Up Your Data

By Melissa Hoarau | December 11, 2020

Cyber-crime and data loss are ever increasing in today’s technology-reliant society. The loss of important company data and client records can be damaging for businesses. If you are yet to experience some level of data loss, you may be considered one of the lucky ones.  There is always the risk of an accident or malicious […]

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The Pros and Cons of Chromebooks: Are They Suitable for Students?

By Melissa Hoarau | November 23, 2020

eStorm has seen a rise in popularity for Chrome OS and G-Suite in classrooms, but many schools and teachers are still cautious about introducing Chromebooks to classrooms as they are not sure whether the device’s capabilities can meet the demanding needs of many school students. So teachers are able to make a more informed decision, […]

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Apple M1

The Apple Silicon M1 Chip – Everything You Need To Know!

By Melissa Hoarau | November 16, 2020

Whether it be on the radio, the news, or from your co-workers and friends, you’ve probably heard whispers of excitement over the new Apple Silicon processor for Macs, officially announced on November 11. Or if you haven’t, you’re now probably wondering – what is the new Apple Silicon chip? For over a decade, Apple’s world […]

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It is time to start teaching cybersecurity in schools

By eStorm | October 26, 2020

It is Australian Cyber Week and to celebrate, we’ve decided to dive into why teachers need to start teaching students about cybersecurity. We teach children about crossing the street and avoiding strangers from a young age, and it is now just as important that we do the same with cyber safety. Students are being introduced […]

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Using Technology to Support Curriculum Development

By eStorm | October 19, 2020

Technology has changed our day-to-day lives, the way we work and study, and how we spend our leisure time. Technology has an important part to play in the design and development of a curriculum and has the potential to be an engaging and challenging experience for students. Utilising current technology in the classroom supports teachers […]

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The newest technologies to introduce into your classroom

By eStormAdmin | July 13, 2020

New and advancing technologies are shaping almost every aspect of our lives. It is no surprise then that the typical classrooms are starting to shift to incorporate new educational opportunities. As access to technology increases, so does the technical literacy and savviness of our students. Teachers are now leveraging all kinds of technology to engage […]

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Minecraft: Education Edition and Coding

By eStormAdmin | May 4, 2017

The latest new feature in Minecraft: Education Edition makes it possible for students to learn how to code while playing the game. Known as Code Builder, the feature is ]available now in beta for Minecraft: Education Edition. Code Builder is a tool that shows up in the game as a robot. Users can interact with […]

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Now FREE – iWork, iMovie and GarageBand

By eStormAdmin | April 19, 2017

Apple quietly rolled out updated versions of its iWork, iMovie and GarageBand apps on Mac and iOS today, making them free for all customers on both platforms. Many customers already had free copies of these apps, as they came free with new Mac or iOS devices. The pricing change removes the requirement to have bought […]

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Skype Translation Services breaking down language barriers

By eStormAdmin | April 11, 2017

Microsoft, through Skype and its other translation services, is making it even easier for people to share information across the globe.  Skype Translator can help you communicate in 8 languages for voice calls, and in more than 50 languages while instant messaging. With the advent of the internet, there are fewer barriers to communication than […]

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Microsoft Azure Services

By eStormAdmin | April 10, 2017

Microsoft Azure provides different technologies which enable you to build robust application, data and process integration solutions. One of the core offerings for Azure integration is Logic Apps. These technologies together provide a very rich and fully-managed Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). It is a very robust and powerful platform to put together and automate integration workflows. Logic […]

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